It looks like AT&T has botched yet another Apple iPhone launch. Four for four. At least they’re consistent.

MacDailyNews reader continue to seethe as their attempts to give Apple and ATT money for new iPhone 4 units and “AT&T service” plans, which in major cities means pretty much “no bars for you,” fail miserably.

During iPhone pre-orders which began today, it seems that AT&T’s capacity has been exceeded. Again. And water is wet.

Apple’s website, although sluggish, seems to take the user’s info, but when Apple has to check with AT&T to determine upgrade eligibility, the process fails.

In our opinion, as the image above might indicate, AT&T is hopelessly overmatched and incapable of handling Apple’s iPhone business. They have no ability to adequately predict demand. They may also be hopelessly cheap in addition to being bungling amateurs. Inept AT&T, with their cobbled-together rebranded Cingular network, are holding back Apple iPhone sales and have been tarnishing the Apple brand for years now. Apple needs to add to their U.S. carrier lineup yesterday.

Apple and AT&T stand to make billions of dollars off iPhone 4 customers. For apple to not have adequate capacity or not have forced AT&T to have adequate capacity to take orders from current and new customers for hours now and counting is bush league.

But, don’t let our opinion cloud yours: Tell us below what you think of AT&T Mobility.

Now’s your chance; you never know, maybe somebody at Apple is actually paying attention as they, through their misguided exclusive-U.S. carrier choice, once again frustrate their customers, new and potential, to no end.

While you’re at it, let Apple CEO Steve Jobs know how you feel, too: