invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Over the years, it must have been embarrassing for Steve Jobs to swallow his contempt every time he had to invite an executive from Microsoft or Adobe to the stage at a keynote event to explain why their Mac product was behind schedule and inferior to their Windows version,” Kontra writes for counternotions.

“However, 2010 is not like 1994. Apple has money, mindshare and the hottest platform to no longer having to beg,” Kontra writes. “Today, Apple is more concerned about having to re-live its recent history — getting jerked around by Microsoft or held hostage by Adobe — than what it thinks would be manageable damage by a few developers that may leave its platform.”

Kontra writes, “Some may regard that as being arrogant. For Apple it’s the price of being in charge of its own destiny. To capitulate at the height of its newly found vigor would be suicidal. Suicidal Apple is no longer.”

Full article – very highly recommended – here.