invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“A MicroCenter staffer [late night] posted new Apple model numbers that point directly at long-anticipated MacBook Pro updates,” Electronista reports.

“They have completely new model numbers and roughly correlate to the three 15-inch and single 17-inch MacBook Pros that currently exist,” Electronista reports. “They also hint at price changes: while the base MacBook Pro would climb $100 to $1,799, the top-end 15-inch model would drop to $2,199 and the 17-inch would fall $200 to $2,299. A mid-range MacBook Pro would stay in place at $1,999.”

Electronista reports, “It’s known that the MacBook Pro line should get Core i5 and Core i7 processors that may sport similar stock clock speeds but should be substantially faster than the outgoing Core 2 Duo models. Also likely on top of these is the use of NVIDIA Optimus graphics switching to save energy.”

Electronista reports, “A MacBook Pro update could come as soon as Tuesday and may also include a refresh of the white plastic MacBook and MacBook Air.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]