Apple Online Store“Apple’s integrated hardware and software system make it the most valuable PC maker in the world, according to a research note from Deutsche Bank,” Jay Yarow and Kamelia Angelova report for The Business Insider.

“Deutsche Bank assembled the revenue and operating profits of the top ten PC makers in the world,” Yarow and Kamelia Angelova report “It then charted which companies are capturing the greatest share of the pie to determine which PC maker is capturing the most value.”

“While Apple has just 7% of the share of revenue, it’s grabbing 35% of the operating profit. Deutsche Bank attributes it to the strength of the Mac/MacBook lineup. Other companies are losing profit margins because they have to pay Microsoft for software,” Yarow and Kamelia Angelova report “

Check out the chart in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Frits” for the heads up.]