“The iPad is an ambitious product that’s hard to sum up in a few words, or to assess at all until it’s actually available for sale, which won’t be for weeks,” Harry McCracken reports for FOXNews.com. “Herewith, some early answers to major questions about the device, based on what I learned at Apple’s launch and the hands-on time I got with one after the great unveiling concluded.”

• What’s the keyboard like? Better than I expected
• What’s the software situation going to be like? Iit’ll work with more than 150,000 programs on the day it ships
• What are the device’s biggest limitations? If you want to import your digital camera photos directly into it, you’ll need to buy a clunky-looking external adapter [and] there’s no way to print from the device

MacDailyNews Note: We’ve heard a rumor that Bluetooth and WiFi printing capability will be available when iPad ships. Apple is working on additional iPad features and capabilities that remain unannounced.

• Is the price really as unbelievable as Steve Jobs thinks? Apple is pricing its tablet to move… with its aluminum case and high-end display, it outclasses similarly-priced netbooks from the standpoint of pure aesthetics
• How about getting an iPad instead of Amazon’s Kindle or another e-reader? iPad is going to be a formidable Kindle rival. Amazon’s e-reader is a one-trick pony (albeit an impressive one) with a screen in dull black and white; the iPad is in glorious color and e-reading will be only one of many things it’ll let you do

More questions and answers in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl H.” for the heads up.]