Run Windows on Mac OS X with no reboot!Crickets chirp in response to that headline. And until an answer is provided, as far as we’re concerned, we’re not falling for carefully worded press releases devoid of hard information. As far as we’re concerned, Amazon’s Kindle has no clothes.

As Phil Wahba reports for Reuters, “Online retailer Inc. is testing Wall Street’s patience by repeatedly touting the success of its Kindle electronic reader without providing specific sales figures.”

“In one press release after another in recent months, Amazon has talked up the Kindle’s best-seller status across all product categories,” Wahba reports. “On the day after Christmas, the retailer said the Kindle was the most-purchased gift in its history and sales of its electronic books surpassed physical book sales on the holiday itself. Previously, Amazon said the device had its best monthly sales ever in December, with only half of the month gone by at that point.”

Wahba reports, “In neither of these most recent examples did Amazon say how many Kindles or e-books were sold, nor by how much sales rose.”

Wahba reports, “Forrester estimates that the Kindle, which was launched in 2007, has a U.S. market share of about 55 percent, ahead of devices from Sony Corp and Barnes & Noble Inc’s recently launched Nook. It says 2.5 million Kindles have been sold to date, based on consumer surveys. Investment firm Cowen & Co. expects Amazon to sell 500,000 of the devices in its holiday quarter alone.”

MacDailyNews Note: Forrester’s figures measure single-function eReaders. They do not include iPhone and iPod touch. That’s the only way Kindle can get 55%. And the Kindle app for iPhone and iPod touch is the only logical way Amazon’s sales of electronic books could’ve surpassed their physical book sales.

Wahba continues, “In 2010, Forrester anticipates consumers to buy another 6 million e-readers and the field to become more crowded. Apple Inc. is expected to unveil a tablet in 2010 that would have e-reader functions.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple has already unveiled devices that have e-reader functions, including Amazon’s Kindle app itself. And Apple hasn’t sold just a meager 2.5 million devices with grand hopes of adding another paltry 500,000 during the holiday quarter. Apple will sell upwards of 20 million iPhone and iPod touch devices in the holiday quarter alone; 40 times the Kindle sales estimated by analysts. 40 times. To date, adding in the holiday quarter estimates, Apple has sold roughly 75 million iPhones and iPod touches combined, all of which, providing they are running at least iPhone OS 2.0, are capable of using Amazon’s Kindle app, not to mention a huge selection of other e-reader apps. 3 million Kindles vs. 75 million iPhones and iPod touches. Let’s face facts, folks, the far and away #1 electronic reading device in the world is from Apple, not Amazon.

Forget the rumored Apple tablet, Apple already has two Kindle (hardware) killers, iPhone and iPod touch, and they’re doing quite the job on their own. When and if Apple’s tablet appears… well, let’s just say that Amazon should focus all of their attention on their Kindle software for Apple hardware than on Kindle hardware going forward.

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MacDailyNews Take: The jig is up, Amazon.