“Apple’s standard ‘ships with every desktop Mac’ mouse (but also available alone for Mac or Windows at US$69) is now a Magic Mouse,” Andy Ihnatko reports for The Chicago Sun-Times.

“That’s a fabulous and welcome improvement. Every mouse Apple has shipped since Steve Jobs returned to the company has been Mostly Miserable,” Ihnatko reports.

“I’ve been using the new Magic Mouse for a couple of days now and I can happily say that Apple’s curse is over. Apple has finally designed a practical and useful mouse,” Ihnatko reports. “I do wish that the Magic Mouse were a little thicker and filled my hand a bit better, but this is a fine, stylish wireless mouse. It’s not so thin to make it tough to use … but it’s thin enough to do double-duty as a travel item. Despite its eye-catching looks, it does indeed disappear into my workflow.”

Ihnatko reports, “The advantages of the Magic Mouse over the other mouses in its weight class are it’s dead-simple while still bringing some unique features to the table.”

Read the full review – recommended, as usual – here.