Cyber Monday Sale over 400  deals“Across the universe of gadget gifts, few things can inspire more angst and buyer’s remorse than home computers,” Rob Pegoraro reports for The Washington Post. ‘You cannot shop for them by price alone; buying a computer still demands a series of decisions with non-obvious answers.”

“For an increasing number of people, the first judgment call is the Mac-or-Windows issue,” Pegoraro reports. “Both Microsoft and Apple have updated their operating systems this year… But the Mac’s core advantages over Windows persist.”

“But because Apple chooses not to compete in the cheaper end of the market, you pay a lot more for those advantages,” Pegoraro reports. “It’s fair to call a Mac a luxury. It’s more affordable than many other luxuries, but see what your bank account has to say first.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Life’s too short to settle for a Windows PC.