The New Mac mini Apple’s Mac mini tops sust-it’s energy efficiency charts for computers. Having been slated by Greenpeace in 2006, when they launched their ‘Green my Apple Campaign’ Apple has responded by making their products more recyclable, removing toxic materials and now proving that they can make fast and energy efficiency computers too.

Ross Lammas, sust-it’s proprietor said in the press release: “There’s a staggering difference between the energy consumption of computers in the marketplace; you could save nearly £150 per year on electricity in choosing the most efficient models. We’ve been highlighting these savings through our unique ranking system and it’s great news that Apple has responded to the environmental issues, I hope other manufacturers will follow their lead”.

By using sust-it’s energy consumption website that ranks over 5000 electrical products by their energy efficiency, you can spot those appliances that contribute to your inflated electricity bills and CO2 emissions. You could save over £600 a year by buying energy saving products.

The sust-it site is constantly updated and contains a wide range of products from TVs to chest freezers. You can even switch between electricity tariffs so you can see what other energy providers have in-store and calculate your CO2 emissions at the same time – it even works on the iPhone instore.

Apple’s Mac mini models take sust-it’s top 4 spots in the in-use power consumption chart here.

Source: sust-it