72 Hour Apple Black Friday Sale“The Mac clone maker now fighting for its life in federal court pitched an extremely aggressive business plan to potential investors last year, claiming that it would sell as many as 12 million machines in 2011,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld. “According to a slide presentation that Psystar showed to venture capitalists in 2008, the Florida-based computer maker projected sales during 2011 of between 1.45 million and 12 million, with the first figure its ‘conservative’ estimate and the second number representing an ‘aggressive’ growth model.”

“Psystar was looking for $24 million in funding, the presentation said, to expand its operations as well as to back its own branded hardware so it could ‘compete directly against Apple,'” Keizer reports. “Under its conservative projections, Psystar told investors it would sell 70,000 computers in 2009, 470,000 systems in 2010 and 1.45 million machines in 2011. The firm’s aggressive growth model, however, put those numbers at 130,000, 1.87 million and 12 million during 2009, 2010 and 2011, respectively. By comparison, Apple sold 10.4 million Macs during its 2009 fiscal year, the 12-month span that ended Sept. 30, 2009.”

Keizer reports, “Dr. Matthew Lynde, who works as an economics consultant for Cornerstone Research, said in a declaration submitted to [the court] on Monday [that], after digging through invoices, purchase orders and other documents, Lynde was able to pinpoint only 768 sales of machines with Mac OS X pre-installed. ‘Psystar has not challenged my analysis of its financial records,’ Lynde added.”

MacDailyNews Take: Lah-who-suh-hers.

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