“Even though a computer mouse rightly can be thought of as one of the more peripheral of peripherals, a new one just arrived that can honestly claim the adjective ‘transformative,'” Mark A. Kellner reports for The Washington Times. “Apple Inc.’s $69 Magic Mouse truly brings change this reviewer can believe in.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, but can it make Oprah cry her eyelashes off?

Kellner continues, “Although it is a ‘normal’ computer mouse in the sense of being able to move the cursor around, its clicking, scrolling and “sweeping” actions make it more like the latest notebook touch pads than the older mice this new device has rendered obsolete.”

“The firm calls it ‘the world’s first Multi-Touch mouse’ and is including it with the new iMac computers, also introduced recently. The rest of us have to shell out the simoleons to buy one,” Kellner reports. “Believe me, it’s really, really worth it.”

“Scrolling is now supereasy and very fast: The software controls for the Magic Mouse let you control the scroll rate,” Kellner reports. “But it’s the very act of scrolling with the Magic Mouse that is, well, magical. Unlike using the scroll wheels on many (most?) of today’s mice, the simple move of gliding one’s fingers up and down the mouse feels more natural than I can describe in words. It just works better.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jules” for the heads up.]