Apple Online Store “Motorola Inc. probably sold 100,000 Droid phones in their first weekend on the market,” Hugo Miller and Amy Thomson report for Bloomberg.

“Verizon Wireless, the carrier for the device, had 200,000 Droid phones on hand, and most stores sold at least half of their stock, Mark McKechnie at Broadpoint AmTech Inc. said yesterday,” Miller and Thomson report.

“Motorola and Verizon are competing against a new version of Apple’s iPhone, offered in the U.S. through AT&T Inc. Apple sold more than 1 million of the latest model in its weekend debut in June,” Miller and Thomson report.

MacDailyNews Note: Back in July 2008, Apple sold over one million of the previous model, iPhone 3G, in its opening weekend, too.

Miller and Thomson report, “‘It wasn’t as good as the iPhone, but anybody that was expecting that had their expectations too high,’ said Jim Suva, an analyst at Citigroup Inc. in San Francisco… ‘I have this nagging suspicion that Android is being overestimated by technology enthusiasts,’ said KM Partners analyst Tero Kuittinen, who is based in Greenwich, Connecticut. He advises investors to sell Motorola shares, which he doesn’t own. ‘They haven’t really resonated with average consumers.'”

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