“A Microsoft security report released on Monday warns that cyber crooks are digging into computers for weak spots to penetrate with worms – malicious software that steals control or data,” Glenn Chapman reports for AFP.

“Rogue security software remained the top hacker threat to computers during the first half of this year, but the number of infections was dropping while penetrations by worms doubled, according to the Security Intelligence Report,” Chapman reports. “‘We still see rogue security software in high volume but not on the rise,’ Microsoft Malware Protection Centre principal architect Jeff Williams told AFP. ‘What is on the rise is resurgence of worm activity, particularly Conficker and Taterf.'”

“Worms are programmed to replicate themselves, wriggling from machine to machine by hiding in legitimate applications or piggy-backing on USB drives or other portable data storage devices.,” Chapman reports. “Conficker and Taterf worms have reportedly wriggled into millions of machines.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good thing you “saved” $69 on that shitastic Dell laptop versus that Apple MacBook you really wanted, Skippy.