Apple Online Store Apple released iTunes 9.0.2 yesterday. The update brings new compatibility with Apple TV 3.0 software and, oh by the way, it also booted the Palm Pre moocher off iTunes, again. Last month beleaguered Palm was told by the USB Forum to stop spoofing unique vendor IDs reserved for Apple iPod models in order to sync with iTunes instead of offering their own software to simply and legally interface with Apple’s intellectual property.

What a great feature beleaguered Palm’s hodgepodge of Apple castoffs offer their Pre sufferers: Intermittent and unreliable iTunes syncing. What a selling point! This, along with near total App-Lack™, an antique mechanical keyboard that’s perpetually stuck in vertical mode, no modern soft keyboard at all, a cheap plastic screen that’s reportedly quite the nasty scratch magnet, and flimsy, junky-feeling overall build-quality – all backed by a boondoggle that’s so running on fumes that they can’t even manage to come up with their own simple-to-create software to legally sync with iTunes. No wonder Palm’s collection of Apple refuse are having trouble peddling their crappy, app-less fake iPhones.

RIM’s BlackBerry Media Sync is the prime example of the proper, ethical way to sync non-Apple devices with iTunes (and Windows Media Player) music files.

Will beleaguered Palm try to take the cheap, unethical way out yet again? Probably so, as they seem to have nothing much left to lose.