Apple Online Store “In just the past few weeks Steven Frank, Alex Payne, and Andre Torrez all tried switching from the iPhone to Android. All three are smart, open-minded, and eloquent regarding their reasons for trying Android. All three are developers who care about the quality and design of software and hardware,” John Gruber reports for Daring Fireball.

Gruber reports, “All three found Android significantly lacking.”

“No doubt some iPhone owners look upon this with glee, much like sports fans watching a rival team flail. I look upon it with glum disappointment. I’ve said it before and will say it again, the best thing that could happen for Apple and iPhone owners would be for at least one strong rival to appear. Two would be even better. A monoculture benefits no one in the long run, because it’s competition that drives innovation,” Gruber opines.

MacDailyNews Take: Gee, then how did Apple produce the iPhone (or the Mac, the iPod, or Mac OS X, for that matter) in the first place? Apple competes very effectively with themselves. History proves that they certainly do not need a bunch of wannabes to spur them on.

Gruber writes, “I know there are new Android phones on the horizon. I know there have been some nice Android OS updates. But from my vantage point, the Android state-of-the-art is today further behind the iPhone state-of-the-art than it was when the G1 debuted last October.”

Gruber offers up some suggestions for how Google Android phone-makers can try to out iPhone Apple’s iPhone in his full article here.