“With over two million European users, music streaming service Spotify hopes to launch itself as an application for the iPhone – but doesn’t know if Apple will permit the move,” jonny Evans reports for Distorted-Loop. “The European service is now recruiting staff for a US launch. Andres Sehr from the company said: ‘We really don’t know if Apple will give us the go-ahead, and all we can do it submit our software then wait and see.'”

“European music industry chatter apparently claims Apple sees Spotify as a threat to the iTunes Store, and may not allow the application to launch on an iPhone,” Evans reports. “With this in mind it’s set us thinking – does Apple see Spotify as a threat, or is it planning to launch its own streamed music service?”

“We already know Apple allows Last.fm and Pandora to offer streaming music services on an iPhone, but both of these link to the iTunes Store for music purchases, Spotify’s model is to cache playlists on the application for offline listening, side-stepping iTunes music retail,” Evans reports. “We anticipate Apple’s plan may favour an all-you-can-eat music subscription service that supports both a la carte downloads and unlimited music streaming.”

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