“Unauthorized Mac clone maker Psystar has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Florida, temporarily slowing down Apple’s legal case against it. The filing may be an indication that the company’s financial backers have pulled out, signaling they see Apple as the clear winner in court,” Jeff Gamet reports for The Mac Observer.

“The bankruptcy documents were filed with the Federal Courts in Florida on Thursday… The Florida court will hold a hearing on June 5 where Psystar’s equity creditors will be revealed — which means if there have been deep pockets behind the company’s fight against Apple, those names will finally come out of the shadows,” Gamet reports.

“Psystar’s bankruptcy filing will temporarily slow down Apple’s case in northern California because all legal actions involving the PC maker are automatically put on hold while the bankruptcy court begins its proceedings,” Gamet reports. “The judge overseeing the case will, however, most likely lift that stay within a few months, allowing Apple’s case to start moving forward again.”

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