Apple “is holding its share [of the corporate market] within a tight spending climate, and is the clear leader in customer satisfaction,” Paul Carton reports for ChangeWave.

“Planned corporate Mac purchases remain stable going forward – with Apple’s laptop (7%) and desktop (5%) share unchanged compared to the previous survey in August,” Carton reports.

“In other Apple results, 6% of respondents report their companies are increasing their 1st Quarter purchase plans for Apple computers – the same as in our previous survey,” Carton reports. “Another 17% say their companies are considering Apple for future purchases, down 1 pt from previously. In sum, there is little change in Apple’s corporate market share for the next 90 days.”

Carton reports. “There are positive signs pointing to long-term corporate growth opportunities for Apple Macs. In particular, corporate respondents estimate that one-in-five (19%) of their companies’ workforces would choose to use a Mac if it were left up to the employees themselves – even though only 6% currently use a Mac. There’s no secret why so many more employees would use Macs if they could. A quick glance at the corporate satisfaction ratings says it all:”

Carton reports, “So, even though Apple owns a relatively smaller share of the corporate PC market, it outperforms the rest of the industry by a wide margin in terms of customer satisfaction – with 58% of respondents saying their companies are Very Satisfied with their Mac computers.”

Full article, including numbers for beleaguered Dell which “don’t bode well for the company going forward,” here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Tony” for the heads up.]