The one, the only, the original Pull My Finger app has returned to Apple’s iTunes Store.

Developer Air-O-Matic explains:

Hundreds of thousands of people viewed the demo:

Thousands cried out for its availability in the app store. Petitions were formed. Candles were lit. And now, Apple has returned Pull My Finger to the App Store!

Throughout the annuls of time, man (and woman, but mostly man) has used this noisome pestilence to cause laughter, shock, and awe to those in their immediate surroundings. Advances in technology brought new ways to deliver the package. The hand under the armpit was good, but the invention of rubber brought the whoopee cushion, and new heights were reached. Then came the electronic version, and the whoopee cushion was no more. However, we asked ourselves over and over, why must I always carry a phone, iPod, AND electric fart machine? Can’t something be done to converge these oft carried items?

Today, friend, innovation has struck again. Now you can have your choice of sounds with you always, waiting and ready for when the perfect moment arrives. Tap a character’s finger, and it plays a unique sound. Some people say this is no big whoopee, but we think it’s a work o fart.

Some of the features include:

– 18 high quality sounds
– 18 unique, well-designed cartoon characters
– Random Mode for when you want a nice surprise
– Chorus Mode to play a continuous loop
– Vibrates for realism!

Pull My FInger costs US$0.99 and is available via iTunes here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “RadDoc” for the heads up.]