“I’ve had an Apple TV for a few days now; the user interface, speed and content are all amazing. It’s all great except for one part: The Apple remote, which quite frankly, sucks,” MG Siegler reports for VentureBeat.

“Rumors have circulated before that Apple was working on a new version that would be far more useful. In fact, patents filed over the past few years point to a device that would have similarities to the Nintendo Wii gaming console’s controller, the Wiimote. That device uses motion (along with button clicks) to manipulate action on the screen. A newer patent, uncovered by AppleInsider, suggests Apple is still very much at work on a similar concept for its Apple remote,” Siegler reports.

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AppleInsider reports that the Apple Remote control system described in the patent application “would be more reliable than the company’s existing infrared-based model in that it would be able to better distinguish predetermined light sources from stray light sources.”

“‘Some remote control systems use infrared (IR) emitters to determine the position and/or movement of a remote control,’ Apple said. ‘Such systems, however, often experience a common problem in that they may not be able to distinguish desired or predetermined IR light sources from undesirable environmental IR sources, e.g., the sun or a light bulb. Because those systems may mistake environmental IR sources for IR emitters, they may incorrectly determine the position and/or movement of the remote control,'” AppleInsider reports.

“Another common problem in that the systems may not be able to distinguish IR emitters from reflections of the IR emitters, like those from the surface of a table or a window. Therefore, Apple proposes remote control systems that can distinguish predetermined light sources from stray or unintended light sources, such as environmental light sources or reflections.,’ AppleInsider reports.

Full article, with patent app illustrations, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bill C.” for the heads up.]