“Any speed shortcomings in Apple’s iPhone were the fault of its rival chipset manufacturer ARM, a senior Intel executive said in Taiwan yesterday,” Suzanne Tindal reports for ZDNet Australia.

“‘The shortcomings of the iPhone are not because of Apple,’ Intel’s director of ecosystems for its ultra-mobility group Pankaj Kedia said at the Intel Developer Forum in Taipei, Taiwan. ‘The shortcomings of the iPhone have come from ARM,'” Tindal reports.

“The comment followed statements from Shane Wall, Intel’s VP, mobility group and director strategic planning, platform architecture and software, ultra-mobility group, on the device’s lack of oomph. ‘Any sort of application that requires any horse power at all and the iPhone struggles,’ he said,” Tindal reports.

“The discussion came after Wall’s keynote. ‘If you want to run full internet, you’re going to have to run an Intel-based architecture,’ he had said, claiming that Intel processors achieved two to three times the performance of ARM equivalents,” Tindal reports.

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[Attribution: AppleInsider. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]

Obviously smarting from not being able to get into iPhone and also from being dumped for NVIDIA’s much more powerful graphic chips in Apple’s new MacBook, Intel sounds like they’re due for an attitude adjustment right about now. And Apple has just the guy to deliver it.