“That sound you can hear is Steve Jobs laughing after reading figures from US market watcher NPD that Apple laptops accounted for 20 percent of retail notebook sales during July and August,” Tony Smith reports for The Register.

“That’s the key back-to-school sales period, and it indicates that the MacBook family – expected to be refreshed any day now – has struck a chord with parents buying for their kids, and for students heading off to college,” Smith reports. “Get ’em young, and you’ve got ’em for life.”

It gets even better, Smith reports, “That [20 percent] figure covers Apple’s share of the market as measured by the number of boxes shifted. Look at the revenue garnered instead, and Apple’s market share jumps to 35 percent.”

Smith reports, “Windows laptop sales were down 1.5 percent by value and 10 percent by volume year on year, while Mac notebook sales grew 30 percent by revenue and 35 percent by units, according to NPD.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Why would he do that? He has to know that he can never win.” – Microsoft’s Bill Gates in 1999 remarking on Steve Jobs’ return to Apple two years earlier.