“Because of reports from retailers that the AppleTV’s advertising material was to be destroyed, a rumor has managed to seep its way through the Interwebs that the AppleTV is being replaced,” Michael writes for Apple Gazette. “It was further fueled by the fact that there is a webcast being presented to retailers on September 30th.”

“The reason for the destruction of the advertising material could be as simple as the fact that the licensing for the tvs and movies has expired – or that Apple wants new advertising material to reflect current movie releases, and the new fall television shows,” Michael writes. “That info by itself is nowhere near an indication that the entire device is being tossed out the window and replaced by something else.”

“The webcast does pose some intriguing possibilities, though. Could there be some new features coming to the existing AppleTV that retailers need to be aware of? We know that the AppleTV needs a software update to make it possible to download HD TV show,” Michael writes.

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