Meet Jonny Gladwell from Auckland, New Zealand.

He’s pitched his tent and stands at the head of a line (of one, so far) outside the Queen Street Vodafone shop in Auckland where he hopes to become the first man in the world to buy an Apple iPhone 3G.

iPhone 3G will be launching in New Zealand at 12:01am on the morning of Friday, July 11th (5:01am PDT / 8:01am EDT / 1:01pm London time on July 10th).

Thanks to MacDailyNews reader Darryl Carey for snapping these photos and letting us know about Jonny’s Quest, so to speak.

Think that’s something? Take a look at Vodafone’s New Zealand pricing:

• iPhone 250MB Data, 120 min. talk= US$414 for 8GB iPhone, US$527 for 16GB iPhone, US$60/mo.
• iPhone 500MB Data, 250 min. talk = US$339 for 8GB iPhone, US$452 for 16GB iPhone, US$98/mo.
• iPhone 1GB Data, 600 min. talk = US$150 for 8GB iPhone, US$263 for 16GB iPhone, US$189/mo.

• iPhone Only = US$739 for 8GB iPhone, US$852 for 16GB iPhone