Gary Krakow, formerly of MSNBC and currently’s senior technology correspondent, has always stuck us as a doddering, out-of touch, wannabe-but-ain’t techie.

Now he’s gone beyond simply being out-of-touch to completely out-to-lunch. On the issue of what “Steve Jobs needs to do to get the iPhone competitive in a corporate environment,” Krakow intones:

Steve Jobs has to bite the bullet… He’s either gotta get BlackBerry on there or Windows Mobile on there. It’s the entire answer.

Here, just watch the video:

Direct link here.

Wha? Was that a joke? Sonuvabitch, if that mess is what passes for a “senior technology correspondent” on, then is even more useless than we previously believed (which would be an impossibility). What a train wreck. Krakow must have incriminating video of Jim Cramer. That’s the only logical explanation we can imagine that accounts for his continued employment.