“A recent move by a little-known Florida-based solutions provider to openly challenge Apple on its Mac OS X licensing terms and begin selling an unauthorized Mac clone appears to have spawned a copycat,” Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider.

“A seller by the name of ‘chris555’ is now offering on eBay a $549 ‘Non Apple Mac OS X’ system that comes ‘pre-loaded with genuine Mac OS X 10.5.’ Two such systems are currently available for direct purchase, the seller says,” Lane reports.

“Apple, which has historically been quick to thwart attempts on the part of grey marketers to distribute imitations products, has been uncharacteristically silent on the matter. This despite Psystar’s open invitation to the Mac maker to formally charge it with a violation of the Mac OS X licensing terms in a court of law,” Lane reports.

Full article here.

Apple has been uncharacteristically silent on the matter because Psystar is an Apple plant, placed or silently sanctioned by the Cupertino Mac-maker as a market test. Just kidding. Silly us! Apple’s probably just asleep at the wheel (this company is always just sooo unaware of what’s going on), or they’re formulating a complex, totally new and unique legal strategy for a very simple matter that they’ve already repeatedly faced before, or maybe they’re just wishing on a star for a hundred pink unicorns to stampede Psystar’s Florida based warehouse.