“The long wait for iPhones in Canada will soon be over,” Cheryl Chan reports for The Vancouver Province. “Rogers Communications announced yesterday that it has inked a deal with California-based Apple Inc. to carry the iconic, much-awaited devices nationwide.”

Chan reports, “Eamon Hoey, of Toronto-based management consulting firm Hoey and Associates, said the release of the iPhone in Canada will be too little, too late. ‘It just doesn’t matter anymore. There are now alternatives to the iPhone, which has been introduced everywhere else in the world. It’s no longer a novelty.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “bc” for the heads up.]

Besides getting immediately iCal’ed for abject idiocy in preparation for guaranteed future ridicule, Eamon Hoey — Canada’s Rob Enderle — will also get his Hoey and Associates client list republished right here:

Hoey Associates’ client list includes:
• Bell Canada
• NorthwestTel
• SaskTel
• yak
• Group of Gold Line
• Telus
• Toronto Hydro Telecom
• Telecom Ottawa
Source: Hoey Associates

Tellingly, Rogers Communications is glaringly absent from Hoey and Associates’ client list, but Rogers’ competitors are, of course, in plentiful abundance.

Shouldn’t Cheryl Chan have disclosed such obviously germane information in her report?

• Cheryl Chan:
• The Vancouver Province Editor-in-chief, Wayne Moriarty:

While we have no love lost for Rogers and their fleecing of Canadian consumers, we value transparency in the media to the utmost. If the likes of The Vancouver Province won’t provide it, we will.