Shane Macaulay from Security Objectives has won a Fujitsu U810 laptop running Vista Ultimate SP1 after it was installed with the latest version of Adobe Flash during the third and final day of CanSecWest PWN2OWN 2008 contest. He also won $5,000 from TippingPoint, the contest’s sponsor.

MacDailyNews Take: Ooh, a Fujitsu U810 laptop running Vista Ultimate SP1. Hello, eBay?

“Shane received some assistance from his friends Derek Callaway (also from Security Objectives) and Alexander Sotirov,” TippingPoint reports.

“The new Adobe Flash 0day vulnerability that Shane exploited has been acquired by the Zero Day Initiative, and has been responsibly disclosed to Adobe who is now working on the issue,” TippingPoint reports. “Until Adobe releases a patch for this issue, neither we nor the contestants will be giving out any additional information about the vulnerability.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This news item will get 1/1,000th of the coverage of the Mac story because everyone expects Windows to be hacked. And that tells you just about all you need to know about both the media and the track records of each OS.

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