“I can’t find my MacBook Air,” Steven Levy reports for Newsweek.

“It was a Wednesday morning. I thought I would take the Air to work with me. I was fairly confident of its location—an area of my apartment that includes a couch, a coffee table and a side table. This was also where I leave the white cube that is the computer’s power supply, plugged into the extension cord right by the sofa. On that Wednesday, the power cord was indeed in place. But a quick scan did not reveal the presence of the laptop,” Levy reports.

“On Sundays in my apartment, the coffee table where the Air sat becomes the final resting place for the bulky New York Times,” Levy reports. “It is not unusual for other magazines, and newspapers from previous days, to accumulate there as well. My wife, whose clutter tolerance is well below my own, sometimes will swoop in and hastily gather the pulp in a huge stack, going directly to the trash-compactor room just down the hall from our apartment, dumping the pile into a plastic recycling bin… Could it be that somewhere in the stack was a Macintosh computer so thin that its manufacturer brags it could fit inside an envelope?”

There’s more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Ampar” and “WindozeKiller” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: Ouch, to be thrown out with the NY Times… the poor Air. Levy reports that Newsweek is covering the $1,800 loss. Stories like this will sell MacBook Air to people for whom light and thin in a notebook is a high priority.