“Apple Inc said on Thursday its iPhone soon will support corporate e-mail, targeting a new market and challenging the dominance of Research In Motion Ltd’s popular Blackberry devices,” Scott Hillis reports for Reuters.

“‘This takes the iPhone from being not really in the running in the enterprise to being very much in the running and gives RIM a serious challenge,’ Van Baker, an analyst with market research firm Gartner,” Hillis reports.

“‘Apple answered the majority of objections that most IT professionals had to the iPhone as an enterprise device,’ Baker said,” Hillis reports.

“Apple said the iPhone would work with Microsoft Corp’s Exchange software for managing business e-mails, contacts and calendars and ‘pushing’ that information to handheld devices,” Hillis reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple is so better-positioned and more capable of taking on RIM in the enterprise than RIM is in taking on Apple in the consumer market that it’s laughable. Apple has most of the enterprise stuff lined up for June; RIM will have an iPod in their devices the day after never. Apple will pass RIM in U.S. smartphone market share so quickly, it’ll make many so-called analysts’ heads spin.