By SteveJack

To those of you new to Apple products: welcome!

Now quit your whining!

Whatever you buy today will be eclipsed by a model with better specs soon.

Get used to it.

That Mac or iPod or iPhone you just bought will someday soon sell for less.

Apple doesn’t stand still for anyone; and certainly not just so you’ll feel better about your purchase for longer.

If you don’t like it, head on over to Dell where I’m fairly certain you can still spec out boxes with 3.5″ floppy drives.

SteveJack is a long-time Macintosh user, web designer, multimedia producer and a regular contributor to the MacDailyNews Opinion section.

Being in technology for 30+ years I can attest to the fact that the technology road is bumpy. There is always change and improvement, and there is always someone who bought a product before a particular cutoff date and misses the new price or the new operating system or the new whatever. This is life in the technology lane. If you always wait for the next price cut or to buy the new improved model, you’ll never buy any technology product because there is always something better and less expensive on the horizon. The good news is that if you buy products from companies that support them well, like Apple tries to do, you will receive years of useful and satisfying service from them even as newer models are introduced.Apple CEO Steve Jobs, September 06, 2007