“Never before has a keynote product announcement from Apple prompted such contrasts of praise and vitriol: with road-warriors on one side singing praises for a pared down chassis with still usable keyboard and display, while critics bay for blood over absent ports and sealed batteries. Is the MacBook Air going to please everybody? No, not at all; but then again, it really didn’t set out to,” Vincent Nguyen reports for SlashGear.

LED-backlighting “really is the next-generation of screen technology due to its thinner design tolerance, meager power demands, and image vibrancy boost, and the Air could easily be this new screen technology’s poster-child. Another ambient light sensor balances backlight against your environment, and the screen’s size – although forcing a relatively broad footprint for an ultraportable – offers useful extra real estate over the competition,” Nguyen reports.

Nguyen reports, “Right now, the MacBook Air meets my needs. I don’t need more storage, I don’t need a massively powerful CPU and yes, I can live with the slower hard-drive. What I need is a lean, mean and yet powerful enough machine for writing, timely processing of videos and images – but as a journalist on the road, I need it to be feather-light.”

“Perhaps that’s what makes the Air particularly special: it ticks my boxes, yes; but it might not tick yours. I admire Apple for building a laptop with such purity of purpose, rather than attempting to cater to everyone’s needs, and in the process satisfying no one,” Nguyen reports.

Nguyen reports, “If you’re looking for a replacement for your desktop, or a machine that’ll readily chew through heavy-duty video or music processing, then you should look elsewhere. But if you measure your days in miles traveled, in conferences visited and in the weight of your hand luggage, I’ll see you at the Apple Store.”

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Nguyen unboxing Apple MacBook Air and SuperDrive:

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