Don Reisinger asks via CNET’s Crave, “Is Apple in over its head with the iPhone?”

“Has Apple gotten in over its head trying to play the same game it always has with its other devices without realizing that the cell phone industry is an entirely different beast altogether? Sadly, I think it has,” Reisinger opines.

“If Apple has learned nothing else, the company now knows that in the cell phone industry, relying on good looks and hype won’t get the job done,” Reisinger writes. “Let’s face it — Apple’s Macs perform well because they’re sleek, powerful and run an operating system that most people like. The company’s iPods sell extremely well because they’re easy to use and have always provided an end-to-end solution with iTunes that has yet to be matched. But what about the iPhone?”

Reisinger writes, “Sure, Apple may have already sold 4 million iPhones since June and that’s a success story by itself, but in this business, longevity is difficult to maintain and competitors are always ready to release something better.”

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Don, the next time you have nothing of importance to write, don’t write anything.

Click Don’s name and CNET makes this much clear: “Don Reisinger is a technology columnist… [and] a member of the CNET Blog Network… He is not an employee of CNET.” If even CNET is disowning you, you’ve got problems.

Excuse our French, but we’re tired of slogging through nonsense written by fscking idiots.