Apple Online Store“The folks at Apple have done it again, ” Meredith Vieira reports for NBC’s Today Show. “But, this time it’s not an iPod or an iPhone, it is a laptop called the MacBook Air… thin as can be.”

The Today Show starts out showing Apple’s MacBook Air television commercial in its entirety. Vieira, along with Matt Lauer, Ann Curry, and Al Roker then discuss the Air in what can only be described as rapturous lust to own Apple’s new ultra-thin notebook themselves.

Vieira exclaims, “I’ve heard that if you lick it, you own it!” And then, she proceeds to do just that.

Curry says, “How many times do you not take your computer because it’s going to be too heavy to lug around? And [with] this.. there’s no excuse.” Lauer responds with a chuckle, “Oh, Ann, that’s exactly what they wanted you to say.” Curry humorously protests, “I’m not doing a commercial here!” Viera provides the punchline, “But, if she can get one, she’ll do one.”

Vieira, along with Matt Lauer, Ann Curry, and Al Roker gush over Apple’s new MacBook Air (3:06):

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View the video in higher quality via NBC’s Today Show here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bizarro Ballmer” for the heads up.]