Apple has debuted their latest “Get a Mac” ad in which “PC” tries to hawk a new book called “I Want to Buy a Computer – Now What?” which is aimed at solving the complexities of buying a PC. Mac explains that it really isn’t that hard, in fact, it’s really easy, if you “Get a Mac.” Apple Stores have personal shoppers to help you pick out the Mac that’s right for and even offer workshops for you after you buy your Mac, you know. “PC” thought of that “afterwards” phase, too and tries to sell his new companion volume “I Just Bought a Computer – Now What?”

Apple Get a Mac Ad: Now What?

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s market research must be telling them that there is a worthwhile target audience for this ad’s message. We’re obviously nowhere near said target, since our first take was: “Uh, whatever. If this ad sells even one extra Mac, we’ll be pretty surprised.” But, we can stretch enough to imagine how a certain type of computer buyer would appreciate personal help before and after the sale; we’re just not sure that this ad gets that message across as well as it could have. For one example, simply having “Mac” say the word “free” before “workshops” would have made this one at least a little bit better. Apple Retail Store Workshops are free, after all. Leaving that word out of the ad is just plain stupid.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “blue” for the heads up.]