“On Black Friday, wifey and I took the kids to San Francisco’s Union Square to see the tree-lighting ceremony — but we ended up in the nearby Apple Store buying yet another iPod,” Leander Kahney writes for Wired.

“I’d wanted to avoid the store — all stores in fact — but as we passed by, some excited shoppers who were leaving handed us sales fliers. “It’s the only time Apple puts stuff on sale,” one of the unpaid evangelists explained, imploring us to pick up a bargain,” Kahney writes. “And so we ended up spending more than $200 on a gift iPod — but, hey, we saved $30!”

“My little shopping parable is just one of many indicators that point toward Apple having the blockbuster of all holiday seasons,” Kahney writes.

Kahney covers many factors that will contribute to Apple’s blockbuster success this holiday quarter:

• Black Friday
• Apple’s strongest notebook and iPod lineup ever
• NPD Group: says iMacs and MacBooks will be bigger than iPod
• Apple Stores’ “gravitational pull”
• Predictions and evidence of a very positive overall shopping season
• Unbelievably profitable Apple Retail Store network
• Apple extending retail store hours
• Apple sells boatloads of goods without holding sales (except for minor ones on Black Friday)
• Apple doesn’t need sales fliers inserted in the Sunday newspapers

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