“Analysts for investment bank Piper Jaffray spent six hours this past weekend monitoring traffic at mall-based Apple retail stores and found that the shops exerted a gravitational pull on shoppers who came within 25 feet of the entranceways,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

MacDailyNews Note: Although usually cloaked in loud Hawaiian shirts, John Dvorak exerts a similar gravitational effect, however it’s more than offset by his repellent personality and frequent gas emissions.

“Specifically, analyst Gene Munster and his team found that 27 percent of people walking within 25-feet of an Apple store entrance wound up entering the store,” Marsal reports.

“On average, 462 people entered Apple stores each hour on Friday when the company was holding its 24-hour Black Friday sale, the analyst said. By Saturday evening, however, that number had fallen to about 241 people per hour,” Marsal reports. “During these times, Munster and his team observed the stores selling an average 5.3 Macs and 1 iPhone each hour, compared to 4.3 Macs and 1.3 iPhones during a similar round of checks back in August. Meanwhile, the stores sold an average of 13 iPods per hour.”

More details, including the breakdown of sales per iPod model, in the full article here.