“Everyone was so excited to hear Steve Jobs say that the iPhone was built on a Mac OS X foundation that I think many people never really thought about the fact that he never specified which one. I believe that the iPhone is built on a Core Animation and Leopard foundation, and since some Leopard functions are still not public, Apple can’t release the SDK without (you knew this was coming) ‘letting the cat out of the bag,'” Carl Howe writes for Blackfriars’ Marketing.

“I have no direct confirmation of the statement above, but I have heard from developers that applications of all types are being held for the Leopard release. Why? Because they rely on either foundational data structures or features (typically Core Animation, but there are others; you can read about one rumored example here. I’ve made a similar claim about Apple TV as well; it won’t get its upgrades until after Leopard ships because it requires new OS-supported secure distribution services for high-definition and movie rental programming,” Howe writes.

MacDailyNews Note: Back in January, the well-regarded Apple expert Andy Ihnatko reported for The Chicago Sun-Times, “The iPhone runs the same OS as the Macintosh… Everything I’ve learned (both in official briefings and ‘you and I never spoke, all right?’ sort of discussions) says that it truly does run Leopard.”

Howe continues, “Now once the Leopard launch is complete and all the Leopard functions are public, all of these constraints will be relaxed… All good things come to those that wait. And Leopard and its support for iPhone functions is certainly worth waiting for.”

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