“The advent of Vista and Mac OS X, along with the ascension of Linux, add new dimensions to a long-time controversy. Now more than ever before, the Mac OS is the most cost effective operating system of all,” Jacqueline Emigh reports for CIO.

“Whether or not they’ve undertaken formal TCO or ROI studies, many customers today claim to be attaining substantial economic advantages from using Mac OS, either instead of or in conjunction with other OSes,” Emigh reports.

“Despite all the energy Microsoft has poured into the new Vista, Mac is still king of the hill when it comes to desktop ease of use—translating, at the end of the day, into higher productivity and lower tech support and training expenditures,” Emigh reports.

Why Mac OS X is the best choice financially speaking:
• Macs bring a better overall value proposition
• Macintosh licensing fees are cheaper
• The Mac desktop spawns fewer calls to the help desk
• Mac users are more productive workers
• Macs last longer
• Mac OS X is more secure
• Mac is just as cost-effective as Windows to manage and administer
• Add Macs while hanging on to your investments in other OSes

Emigh reports, “You’re probably not going to see Fortune 500 firms marching in droves to 100 percent Mac OS deployments, are you? Not yet, anyhow. But something else is afoot. Observers are already noticing a lot more penetration among enterprise departments and SMBs, as customers grow more aware of the multiple financial benefits of Macs. It’s certainly a start.”

Full article, discussing each of the bullet points above, here.