“Carton and Jim Woods report of 74 Apple iPhone owners are in, including what these early adopters liked best and disliked most about the new multifunctional device. We also asked 3,000 non-owners about their future cellular purchase plans,” Paul Carton and Jim Woods report for ChangeWave.

“The Alliance survey was conducted July 18-25, 2007, less than a month after the iPhone’s release, and the findings are good news for Steve Jobs and company,” Carton and Jim Woods report.

“Seventy-seven percent of Alliance members who own an iPhone reported that they are very satisfied with the device, and another 15% said they are somewhat satisfied, for a combined 92% satisfaction rating — the best we’ve seen for a cellular phone device,” Carton and Jim Woods report.

“To put this in perspective, in our most recent consumer cell phone survey, we also received satisfaction ratings on the other leading cell phone manufacturers, and the closest competitors to the Apple iPhone in terms of customer satisfaction were Research In Motion — 50% said they were very satisfied — and Sanyo — 48% said they were very satisfied,” Carton and Woods report.

What did iPhone owners like best about their iPhone? 66-percent chose “integration of cell phone, iPod, and Internet browser.”

What did iPhone owners dislike the most? 35-percent chose “speed of AT&T’s EDGE network.” (Big surprise.)

Carton and Woods report, “When we asked about additional iPhone features they’d like to have, owners pointed to voice recognition (15%) as the No. 1 thing missing from their iPhone, followed by personalizing features (13%) and GPS (13%).”

Carton and Woods report, “In one of the most positive overall survey findings, 89% of owners said they would recommend the Apple device to a friend or colleague.”

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