Commenting on a recent article from The Wall Street Journal about the iPhone’s lack of support for proprietary Microsoft Exchange email servers, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber writes that the WSJ’s suggestion that Apple could make it easier for corporate users would be to license software from Microsoft or Research In Motion for their devices that would allow them to act like virtual BlackBerrys or Windows Mobile devices, “isn’t about making it easier for corporate users; this is about making it easier for corporate IT departments that have chained themselves to Exchange.”

Gruber writes, “The pressure isn’t going to be on Apple to license proprietary technology from RIM or Microsoft. The pressure is going to be on IT departments to support open standards like IMAP, which the iPhone supports.”

“Apple’s answer to the enterprise ‘problem’ isn’t to kowtow to the Microsoft Exchange hegemony; it’s to point in the opposite direction, and show how much better things can be with open industry protocols like IMAP and CalDAV and with simple web-based solutions,” Gruber writes.

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