“As if struggling cell phone-maker Motorola Inc. doesn’t have enough to worry about: Here comes the iPhone, heir to the mighty iPod, brainchild of tech golden boy Steve Jobs—and riding a tidal wave of hype to boot,” Mike Hughlett reports for The Chicago Tribune.

“‘Really, the iPhone benefits the entire industry,’ said Brian Stech, director of global marketing for Motorola’s phone division. That’s because the iPhone will bring more consumer attention to ‘multimedia’ phones, and Motorola has strong offerings in that space, too, he said,” Hughlett reports. “Motorola and other phonemakers have been stuffing their wares with Web-browsing and music- and video-playing capabilities. But U.S. consumers still don’t seem to choose their phones based on such features.”

MacDailyNews Take: They don’t get it – just as umpteen makers of “iPod killers” didn’t get it. Forget about “strong,” Motorola has no offerings in iPhone’s space whatsoever. Motorola, like everyone else, is standing smack in the middle of Apple’s new superhighway, frozen by the brilliant light that is the oncoming iPhone. Just like Sony, Microsoft, etc., which were all supposed to bat away Apple’s iPod+iTunes with ease, these phone makers are nothing more than future roadkill.

Hughlett continues, “Initially, Apple is going after ‘mind share,’ not market share, said John Jackson, a wireless industry analyst at the Yankee Group. But eventually, Jackson and other analysts are looking for Apple to broaden its iPhone offerings to include stripped down—but cheaper—devices.”

Hughlett continues, “In other words, they’re looking for Apple to do what it did with the iPod, where prices vary by device size and storage capacity. The iPod Shuffle can be had for $79; the iPod Nano starts at $149; and an iPod with 80 gigabytes of storage goes for $349. ‘When the iPhone Nano comes out at $120, everyone is in big trouble,’ Jackson said.”

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Anyone considering holding their breath for a $120 Apple iPhone should have medical attention standing by at all times.