“I predict Steve Jobs will introduce a multitouch mousepad at WWDC… and that finger input will be one of the ‘top secret’ features of Leopard,” Leander Kahney blogs for Wired.

“The multitouch pad will look like a standard mousepad, but it’ll be finger sensitive, like the touchpads on most notebooks. But instead of one finger, it’ll be sensitive to multi-finger gestures and commands, like the iPhone,” Kahney predicts.

“The pad will completely replace the mouse, allowing users to control the Mac with their fingers — moving the cursor, selecting files and double clicking with a quick double tap of the index finger,” Kahney explains.

“The pad will also respond to a whole new vocabulary of gestures, like Mouse Gestures in Firefox, which execute common commands (backwards, forwards, reload) with a sweep of the mouse. Using your fingers, you’ll open files by twisting to the left, as though turning an imaginary dial. Twist your fingers to the right to close the file,” Kahney writes.

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