Apple Store“I lost a good friend today. After an extended loan period, Apple finally asked for its iMac evaluation machine back. Now everyone in this household is going through withdrawl,” Robert L. Mitchell writes for Computerworld.

“Apple originally sent the iMac as background for a feature I wrote on the future of the GUI. It was supposed to be here for a month or two. As the weeks and months ticked by no one wanted to see it go home. Apple didn’t ask. We didn’t tell,” Mitchell writes.

“Meanwhile, I kept trying to find time in my schedule to set it up as my primary work machine, as Scott Finnie did recently with a MacBook Pro. He never went back. Between other deadlines I never got around to the project,” Mitchell writes.

Mitchell writes, “But for 10 months we have had Windows XP home computer and the iMac test machine running side by side. And for the kids, the iMac became the preferred machine – even for Web browsing. I have repeatedly asked them why they prefer the Mac and they don’t have an immediate answer. They just like it better.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Robert, they like it better because it is better.