The U.S Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has published the results of “A1203,” a “GSM Cellular Telephone with Bluetooth and Wifi” from manufacturer “Apple Inc.” as measured by Cetecom Inc.

In other words: Apple iPhone has been granted FCC certification:

The documents include Apple’s confidentiality requests to the FCC:

Apple requests that the Commission withhold the follwing documents from public viewing for forty-five days after the date certification is granted:
• Test Setup Photographs
• External Photographs
• Internal Photographs
• User Manual

Apples requests that the Commission withhold the following documents from public viewing indefinitely:
• Block Diagram
• Operational Diagram
• Radio Schematic
• Radio Bill of Material
• Radio Tune-up Procedure
• Exhibit Notes

The (pdf) files are here.

[Attribution; MobileWhack. Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “HAB,” “ChrissyOne,” and “Investor” for the heads up.]