Apple Store“Microsoft has on a number of occasions reported that Vista sales are strong, higher than expected, and that Vista is doing much better than XP did when it was launched. What it never talks about is how Vista is affecting the Apple Mac OS market. There certainly seems to be evidence that the Macintosh is only getting more popular, despite the launch of Vista,” Ruben Francia writes for

“In April, Apple said it sold a record 1.52 million Macs in the quarter that Vista debuted. Apple executives boasted that Macs were ‘clearly gaining market share’ as sales for the quarter grew three times faster than the over all worldwide computer market, up 10.9 percent, according to research firm IDC,” Francia reports.

“Another fact worth mentioning is the number of people surfing the Web using a Mac has doubled in the past eight months. Measurements from WebSideStory and rival Net Applications put Apple’s Mac OS X at close to or just over 6 per cent of all machines in the US that connected to the web last month,” Francia reports.

“Since August, the percentage of online Macs running Apple’s operating system has climbed from the long-flat 3 per cent to 5.6 per cent, according to Geoff Johnston, an analyst at WebSideStory. Net Applications data, which splits the Mac’s share between computers running the PowerPC version of Mac OS and those with an Intel edition of the operating system, pegged the total share at 6.2 per cent for April,” Francia reports.

Francia writes, “There seems to be ample evidence that Vista is doing nothing to dampen the Macintosh revival, with the new version of Max OS, Leopard, almost upon us, this is unlikely to change in the near future.”

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