“Believe it or not, there was a time when most people didn’t think music sucked, when they paid attention, when music drove the culture. Before the labels were owned by fat cats blaming their audience for not buying their overpriced, overproduced, overmassaged cartoon acts,” Bob Lefsetz writes for The Lefsetz Letter.

“Culture has changed. Stars are no longer unreachable. Rather they’re in bed with their audience, they’re like their audience, only talented. When you tart up some female and sell her records on her looks you throw in with Paris and Lindsay, you create an instant joke, whose appeal is anything but her music,” Lefsetz writes.

Lefsetz writes, “The music industry perpetuates the image of a female who’s uneducated, stupid and can only get by on her looks. In an era when so many women play a musical instrument, couldn’t the acts be respectable, couldn’t they be intelligent, couldn’t they be a little more like THEM?”

“I hope you’re following this Apple juggernaut. Because it’s what music used to be,” Lefsetz writes. “First there’s great products… Second, there’s innovation, which begets excitement. The iPhone is like when the Beatles came out with ‘Sgt. Pepper.’ It was beyond comprehension, it was MORE than we expected. Third, devotees follow the company for substantive announcements.”

“It is utterly fascinating to watch a company firing on all cylinders… I can’t believe I used to haunt the newsstands looking for ANYTHING about music. Now, I’m jonesing for tech news, for Apple news. Tech is what music used to be… Oh, my music sites are first. But part of my morning routine is the MacDailyNews, and there I saw a story about the new Apple ads,” Lefsetz writes.

Anyway, fire up this Genius Apple ad:

Lefsetz writes, “Where did they get this woman? Oh, she’s definitely not a girl. She’s not under twenty, hell, she looks closer to thirty! And she’s not all tarted up, showing her body, showing her sexuality. It’s about her MIND! Sure, it’s a commercial, but isn’t it great for girls to have a role model to ASPIRE TO!”

Lefsetz writes, “The music industry is ignoring MUCH of its base (every young female is now computer literate), targeting a lowest common denominator that doesn’t exist. Didn’t you ever hear the axiom that SMART IS SEXY!”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Matthew” for the heads up.]

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