Apple Store“Last month, EMI Group and Apple announced that they would begin selling online music without usage restrictions that major labels had previously insisted on. But if you’re waiting for EMI and Apple’s competitors to follow suit, don’t hold your breath,” Louis Hau reports for Forbes.

“Other online music retailers say they’re worried that following Apple’s lead will confuse customers who may already be baffled by a crazy quilt of restrictions that envelop the industry. And on Wednesday, executives from major music companies speaking at an industry event said that getting rid of ‘digital rights management’–mediaspeak for rules that limit how many times users can copy music they’ve bought–isn’t high on their agendas,” Hau reports.

Hau reports, “Just because the music industry has already been hit harder by digital piracy than other entertainment businesses doesn’t mean it should give up the fight to protect its content, said Michael Nash, Warner’s senior vice president of digital strategy and business development, speaking at the National Association of Recording Merchandisers annual convention.”

Hau reports, “‘No intellectual property business is going to cross the digital divide without figuring out how to protect its content and to ensure that transactions are associated with the acquisition of content,’ Nash said. ‘The music industry simply has to solve the content security problem or risk the obsolescence of its business model.’ Thomas Hesse, president of global digital business and U.S. sales for Sony-BMG, quipped that, ‘We don’t want the whole world to be a college dorm. Because that’s what a no-DRM world looks like–it’s a world in which all product can just be cloned without limitation.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Twilightmoon” for the heads up.]
There are always some morons standing around trying to buck the sweeping tide of change. Like these two suits from Warner and Sony-BMG. It’s over, guys… hello, wake up before you drown!

Newsflash: the whole world already is “a college dorm.” Do we have to fire up Transmission to prove it to you? The horse left the barn decades ago when the music industry opened the doors wide and began selling billions of Compact Discs without DRM. Hence, most of the music sold today is already without DRM and, we can get any new release for free – just like being in a college dorm – on the day of release via P2P. Don’t steal music.

Lastly, it doesn’t matter what the music labels’ agendas are, the only agenda that really matters is Steve Jobs’ – and his seems focused like a laser on DRM-free music sales.

DRM-free music is already here via CDs and P2P. There is no logical reason to try to restrict legal online downloads with DRM – all you are doing is turning people towards pirating music and/or turning them off from using legal online stores like Apple’s iTunes Store.

It never fails to amazes us how some people in the music industry don’t understand the absolute basics of their business model.