“Car manufacturers love the iPod, and many of them have offered iPod integration as a feature on their vehicles. An FM transmitter can get the job done, and I’ve used one for the past couple of years, but it’s not perfect by any means, and the interference and lack of sound quality can really get to you after a while. When you’ve experienced this, you begin to understand why full iPod compatibility in an automobile is such a useful thing,” Brandon Watts writes for OSWeekly.

Watts writes, “Now that the iPhone is distracting some of the attention away from the iPod, there have been discussions taking place about how auto companies will utilize the iPhone in their vehicles. They’ve done a good job and made some real progress with the iPod, but the iPhone isn’t just about playing music. All vehicles have sound systems that are built for playing music, so the iPod is right at home in that situation. In contrast, with the iPhone, music is just part of the equation because phone calls and Internet functionalities are also very dominant features of the device. Therefore, how will car companies utilize the iPhone? Will they react favorably to it?”

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