“Apple Inc. co-founder Steven Wozniak was barely 10 years old when he discovered the love of his life,” Aiko Wakao reports for Reuters.

Wakao reports, “In a hall closet at his home in California’s Santa Clara Valley, he didn’t find a secret entrance into a fantasy world or a box full of candies, but a journal for engineers that described machines that people in the late 1950s had rarely heard of — computers. ‘I decided I was going to love this stuff for life,’ Wozniak said in a speech at a forum in Tokyo on Monday hosted by financial firm CLSA Japan.”

Wakao reports, “A few decades later, Wozniak created the bestselling Apple II — among the first computers that came in colour, plastic and with sound — which became a de facto standard for schools all over America.”

“Fans call Wozniak, ‘Woz’ or the “‘Wizard of Woz,’ for helping bringing about a revolution in the industry that saw the advent of easy-to-use and affordable computers,” Wakao reports.

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